About Us

Welcome! Oh So Beautiful Paper is a leading lifestyle and design blog written by recovering diplomat Nole Garey and a team of talented contributors. Since its launch in 2008, Oh So Beautiful Paper has grown to feature entertaining ideas, paper goods, wedding invitations, calligraphy, and original cocktail recipes. I currently live in Washington DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with my husband, two daughters, and several adorable cats.You can also find me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

At Oh So Beautiful Paper, we believe that stationery is an extension of your personal style. It’s a nice and all too rare treat to come home to a handwritten letter or card. We believe sending paper – taking the time to buy, write, and send a card – has enormous interpersonal value. Sending handwritten mail has become a signifier: a mark of the importance and value that the sender places on the relationship with the recipient.

We believe stationery has a role to play in a beautiful lifestyle. Our goal is to help you find paper products that represent you and your personality, whether you live in DC or California or Australia, while also helping to support local businesses, small businesses, and eco-friendly businesses. It might not seem so at first glance, but stationery supports all of these goals. We’re not focused on the mass market, but on stationery that is unique and different, just like you and me.